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In which I make another life changing choice and get wrecked

Dynamic Korea!

I adopted a cat. He’s about a year old, is a bicolor domestic short-hair, and his name is Domino. Well, I named him Domino. He had a previous foster mom, who named him something else, but I just felt he looks more like a Domino. He has a little black mask on his face and has a black cape but his paws and belly are all white.

He’s been living with me for a week and change, and aside from the great Shit of Annoyance post bath trauma and some rather enthusiastic love biting/scratching, we’ve been getting on well.

He’s my first cat, and my second pet. My first pet was a Norwegian Dwarf rabbit that I bought off a neighbor that was moving away.

He likes to play with catnip anything, dangling mouse-birds on bendy dangles, and I just discovered – crumpled up tinfoil. He came with a laser pointer, but I haven’t played with it yet.

His favorite place to sleep is on my bed, with or without me in it.

I’m slowly training him to not bite or scratch me when we’re playing, and am working on catproofing my apartment.

I’ll be taking him back with me when I go home to America, whenever that may be.