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I really don’t know what I’m going to do with this blog honestly. I thought it’d be a travelogue/emotional ranting place where I could just funnel odd bits of catharsis now and then, but then life – as it tends to do, interfered and I just got busy. My job is constantly changing with each new term and adapting to the work load and navigating through office politics is a bit exhausting. However, most of the time – I work in a drama free environment and I like my co-workers. I’ve also finally learned the lesson about not expecting work colleagues to become friends outside of the office. See: why facebook is a lie.

I’m going to the gym regularly in the mornings, even though my ability is just slightly above a tired fifth grader holding a bucket of cement. On a treadmill. Or as the trainer helpfully said, “You’re not level zero! You’re about 15%!”

Thanks, trainer-nim!

I’ve been living with my cat for about a month and I think we’re both okay – I’ve acquired a few more scratches and scars than I started out with, but Domino is still alive and thriving and I’ve given him two successful baths. I’m still trying to get him to sleep through the entire night and not succumb to the innate cat crazies in the early morning. Sleep deprivation has caused me to leave milk on top of the refrigerator, forget my bus pass, and wear unflattering pants.

Okay the last one had nothing to do with sleep deprivation and more to do with that awkward in between stage of losing weight/getting into shape where clothes don’t fit properly.

Right now Domino is sprawled out at the foot of my bed, completely asleep. My apartment is 90% clean. I don’t have pneumonia and am probably healthier now than when I first arrived. Tomorrow is one day that isn’t Monday. Pay day is soon. If this isn’t happiness, it’s certainly close to it.




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