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Year 2 in South Korea

I started this blog over a year ago, hoping to document a year in the life of a newbie English teacher full of ideals and dreams and …..yeah, that didn’t really work out. What happened was culture shock, intense discomfiture at the realization that my boss was a horrible human being, intense loneliness, sporadic bursts of happiness, lots of ridiculousness, life-saving care packages, black lungs, trips to hospitals, and the thought that while what didn’t kill me would make me stronger, it sure sucked while I was experiencing it. Nearly everything that could go wrong with a teaching gig in a foreign country did – up to worries of being deported, emotionally blackmailed, having a coworker do a midnight run, and oh, vomiting all over myself and being covered in said vomit for 8 hours in a Korean ER.

And yet, here I am again.

Different city, different job, incredibly different standard of living. As in – it’s better.